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Stories from the Field

Volunteers Begin Community Vigilance

Bhadora is a gram panchayat in Pichhor development block of Shivpuri district of Madhya Pradesh. The village is inhibited by Yadavas, Lodhis, tribals and people of other castes. After microplanning of the village, six volunteers, including two women, attended five day training organised by the district administration and UNICEF. When the trainers were told the importance of community vigilance, they found this tool a sure shot mean to solve...

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News in Media Forces Administration to Act

An awakening week of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) was observed in Gram Panchayat Tanga. This village had high rate of migration and during the awakening week the villagers were told not to migrate to other places as they would get work in the village itself under the NREGS. The villagers kept on waiting, but work was not coming through.

During this period, Regional Officer of PACS Programme, Basant Kumar, visited the...

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Bal Panchayat Brings about Surprising Changes among Children

Dwarka, in Birauli gram panchayat, is a village 20 km away from Pichhor development block of Shivpuri district. The village has Human Rights Centre and Child Rights Centre, run from the room of one Chatur Singh Adivasi, and these centres cover Vamna, Tal-ke-Tapara, Devgarh and Kararkheda villages. The Human Rights Centre educational books, human rights related books and material, government schemes application forms and meeting register...

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Struggle of Youth Group Ensures Wages

Vamna is a village about 7 km from Pichhor development block in Shivpuri district. Vamna has a hamlet Shejpur, where Saharia tribals reside. The total population of Sarharias is 380 in 32 families.

In September Sarpanch of Devkheda village came to Shejpura and engaged 50 tribals to pluck his private khandas. The tribals plucked 70,000 khandas, but did not pay on the pretext of khanda counting. When the organisational worker Vijay Adivasi...

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Hamirpur Declared Block Level Clean Village

Hamirpur is a village in Datia tehsil and 5 km from Datia city. The village has 75 families and population of 641 out of whom 44.5 are Scheduled Castes, 11.2 Scheduled Tribes and the rest Backward Classes. Before implementation of Water Aid Project began in January 2004 the village had single toilet in the home of the present secretary of Water and Sanitation Committee Rajendra Singh. But this toilet was not being used. As a result of...

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